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Why Healthy HOO?

Eat clean   +   Sleep Well   +   Workout   =   Healthy You

Our program is not just about number on scale. It helps you to achieve a healthier and an active lifestyle at your own pace. We believe in educating our client about right lifestyle choices and inculcating clean eating habits. By end of our program we aim to educate the client about various food choices so that they can plan their diet by themselves according to their lifestyle.

Eat clean + Sleep well + Workout = Healthy You

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How it Works ?

Its very important to work on your health and appetite. Healthyhoo therefore promises to undertake this job of correct guidance.

Get a customized plan, favouring your needs and preferences.

* Our nutritionists and trainers help you design a plan for your diet and exercise that’s based on lifestyle need.

* Lifestyle related diseases will be addressed by our eminent online Doctors.

* Fitness plans will be shared by our Physiotherapists. We’ll be there in your support anytime and anywhere

* Enroll now to begin a journey towards a Healthy you!

One Step Solution

We are just “ A One Step Solution” channel towards your fitness. Sitting at home and referring to the diets online, you can be as fit as a fiddle.

Online consultation

Online consultation is available  with our On-board Doctors and Physiotherapists when it comes to your lifestyle related disorders and Illness.

Hand holdings

Hand holding by our Consultants.

Leave your worries

Leave all your health and fitness related worries to us.

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Other benefits

Customized diet & fitness plans.

Success Stories

“I gained a lot of weight due to PCOS.I heard about HealthyHoo .Not only was there dedicated dietitian to monitor my diet but physician to oversee things. I lost 5 Kg in a month. All my results are normal now. I feel energetic and sleep well too”
Akanksha Ahuja

“I have battled obesity for as long as I can remember. I heard about weight loss plan from Healthy HOO and enrolled myself. I lost almost 20 kg in 4 months with them. I have never felt better. I am looking forward for further weight loss properly and want to maintain healthy lifestyle.”

Sheela Sharma

“Though I was 58 Kg earlier I used to feel very tried and lethargic.I heard about weight loss plan from Healthy HOO.Not only has my stamina increased tremendously I lost 7 kgs in two month that too by eating .i loved my experience with them “

Sandhya Gupta